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Main Dojo Instructors

Sensei Liz Lisle - 5th Dan

Liz decided to take up karate in 1996 after watching her two sons training and thinking it was something she could try. After waiting for someone else to suggest she joined in, which no-one did, she made her decision and began training! 25 years later, Liz has achieved 5th dan and has been a regular instructor since 2000. She can’t see herself ever stopping training because, as she says, karate is the only sport that has never become boring or repetitive.

Liz says, “There is always something to learn or refine in karate; always a goal to work towards.” Her philosophy is, “Try harder!” and her inspiration has been the achievements, teaching and moral support of her instructors, Sensei Ian Willis (6th dan), Sensei Jill Kelly (6th dan), Sensei Frank Brennan (8th dan) and Sensei Andy Sherry (9th dan).

Sensei Denise Kattan 4th Dan

Denise started training in 1973 in her home country of Brazil under her club instructor sensei Kadena and National instructor Sensei Kohara. From early on she competed and in particular excelled at Kata, winning club, regional and national titles and attained her Blackbelt in...... She took a break from training to raise two children in Holland and returned to training in 2006 under Sensei Ian Willis. Since then her commitment and attendance at many KUGB courses and summer camps and her tenacity as a fighter have earned her a reputation for hard work, discipline and unparalleled Kime during training sessions. She is currently studying for a diploma in Sports, Fitness and Management with the Open University.

Sensei Raouf Kattan 3rd Dan

Raouf started training at the age of 50 and is not unfamiliar to competitive sports and physical contact. Fitness has always been more than just a past time for him and he has a certificate in Exercise and Fitness. As a professional Engineer he has a great interest in the mechanical behaviour of the human body and the mechanics and physics of Karate. When he started karate his main ambition was to do it for 10 years, now his main ambition is to continue to train and develop his skills. He has trained under Sensei Ian Willis and when work permits attends as many additional KUGB courses as possible.

Sensei Liz
Sensei Denise
Sensei Raouf
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