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How do I start?

Find a venue and time that suits you from this link or contact Sensei Ian Willis on the details at the top of this page.

Which class is best for me?

The NKA offers five kinds of sessions:

Junior grade sessions: Designed to take you from beginner (white belt, through to purple belt.

Senior grade sessions: Designed to take from purple belt onwards up to blackbelt and dan grades.

Mixed grade sessions: are open to all ages and abilities.

One to one: Available on request with any or our qualified instructors. These should be arranged with Sensei Ian WIllis.

What will it cost?

Training sessions last 1-1.5hrs and cost £6 / £7 (one to one sessions cost on request).

NKA Club membership: Falls due after one month Seniors/juniors £20.00/£15.00 per year.


Shotokan Nation 


Costings TBC

A basic Gi and belt (Obi) will cost about £23.00 - £26.00

Need to know more?

Contact Sensei Ian Willis

Tel/sms: 07710790643

What should  I wear?

While all Karateka* wear a Gi* while training. For your first few sessions, you should wear comfortable, loose clothing which does not restrict your movements e.g. jogging pants and a t-shirt. Bare feet are ideal for working on the Dojo* floor. If you are not sure please contact Sensei Ian Willis and ask. Please remove all jewllery prior to all sessions as it can injure you or others.

*Karateka - A practioner of Karate

*Gi - The loose white clothes worn in Karate

*Dojo - Training hall or area.

What will I learn?

A typical session will start with a formal bow as a sign of respect to the Sensei and ends with a brief period of quiet meditation and reflection.

All sessions will comprise some or all of the following elements of Karate:

  • Warm up session: 10 - 15 minutes, to warm up and stretching.

  • Kihon (basic movements): These are the foundations of Karate, you will be taught to block, punch, kick and improve balance, co-ordination, memory, speed, strength and flexibility.

  • Kata (pre-arranged sequences): There are over twenty Katas to learn, some having in excess fo 50 movements. All have to be mastered as you progress through the grades.

  • Kumite (Sparring): Karate is a martial art and a contact sport. It is designed to build up your ability to spar in a controlled and progressive manner, from basic five step sparring to free-style. Emphasis is placed on speed, power, control and discipline.

  • Bunkai (Application): This is the focus on teh self-defence aspects of Karate with practical application of the techniques taught.

How do I become a blackbelt?

Your progress is measured by preparing for formal grading exams typically 3-4 times per year. These are conducted by Shotokan Nation senior instructors.

To be ready for a grading you should train regularly to allow you to progress at the pace you wish to commit to.

Sensei Ian will issue permission to grade slips prior to any grading.

Depending on your commitment, ability and training frequency it is possible to attain a blackbelt in 3 years. Once you obtain your 1st Dan Blackbelt, you can progress onto the senior dan grades in line with Shotokan Nation requirements.

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