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Welcome to the Northumberland Karate Academy (NKA) Main Dojo website

If you would like to learn Karate in a supportive environment with a qualified and experienced senior instructor, improve your fitness, gain confidence, learn new skills whether you wish to progress to very advanced techniques or are merely looking for a way to challenge your body and your mind, then the NKA will meet your needs. Past and present alumni have gone on to regional, national and international competitions while others have come for the fun of learning new things and keeping fit. Whatever your ambitions and age, the NKA is the club for you.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our many training sessions.


Sensei Ian Willis 7th Dan – NKA Chief Instructor.

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”  – The Art of War, by Sun Tzu - circa 500BC

Join our Karate Club

Why not try on of our shotokan Karate classes. There are many benefits from practicing Shotokan Karate and we hold classes for students as young as 5 years of age. Some of the benefits include:





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Shotokan Connect-sig.png

Congratulations to Sensei Ian Willis, Northumberland's most senior Shotokan Instructor!

Shotokan Connect is proud to announce the promotion of Sensei Ian Willis to 7th Dan. Please join us in celebrating his well-deserved achievement of Shichidan.


This prestigious Dan grade was awarded by the Executive and QA Committees of Shotokan Connect and marks a major step forward in the growth and confidence of the association. Congratulations to Sensei Willis an inspirational, talented and respected karateka.

Having become a professional karate instructor in 1993, Sensei Willis offers over 45 years of dedicated karate experience.

As an established and senior instructor of the Northumberland Karate Academy (NKA) in Ashington, Sensei Ian:

  • Teaches 13 classes a week across 5 clubs

  • Achieved his 6th Dan over 9 years ago

  • Had a successful national and international competition career in kata and kumite

  • Offered early and comprehensive support of Shotokan Connect during the formulation of the association

All of Sensei Willis students would like to send their congratulations on this incredible achievement which recognises the hard work and dedication of over 45 years.

Below are some pics of Sensei Willis taken over the years of his training!

Karate Timetable 2024 V1_edited.jpg

Shotokan Connect safeguarding policy.


We place  the utmost importance on the wellbeing of all our students, and as part of this have a robust approach to safeguarding. Details of the Shotokan Connect safeguarding policy can be found at  Safeguarding Policy - Shotokan Connect



NKA safeguarding officer
Sensei Liz
07985 244606

Pictures from Shotokan Connect Championships

Club Contact details

Sensei Ian: 0771090643

NKA Training & Grading


  • 16/04/2023

  • Ashington Leisure Centre, Lintonville Tce, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 9JY

Shotokan Connect-sig.png

NKA had a fantastic weekend at the Shotokan Connect championships, with fantastic results as follows:
Grant Wheatley medals:
Mixed veteran Dan grade kata, Silver. Male veteran kumite,Bronze. Mixed team kumite, Silver. Mixed kata Dan grade kata, Bronze. Male senior kumite, Bronze. Dan grade.

Team kata,Bronze. Individual kata, Bronze. Team kumite, Silver. Male senior kumite, Bronze.

Karen Holtom: Mixed team kumite, Silver Senior team kata, Bronze. Female veteran kumite Dan grade, Silver.

Noha Elkaraksy: Team Kata, Silver.

Hana Ali: Team kata, Silver.

Chris Stone: Team kata, Bronze. Team kumite, Silver.

Gavin Wills: Team kata, Bronze. Individual kata, Bronze. Team kumite, Silver

NKA Branded Clothing

If you would like to purchase an NKA training top then please enquire with Sensei Ian Willis.

New Kyu Grade Belts



Below are the new belts colours and classifications that will be used for the Kyu grades

Shotokan Connect Belts.png
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