Sister Dojo - instructors

Sensei Jill Kelly - 6th Dan - Sister Dojo Ashington


Sensei Kelly started training in 1985 under sensei Ian Willis at the Main Dojo in Ashington, having come along to watch her son train.

Sensei Kelly is well know throughout the KUGB as she serves as its child Protection and welfare officer. She competed successfully at both club and regional levels and brings a wealth of experience in her teaching to both the Kumite and Kata elements of Karate.

her Kata lessons in particular with their emphasis on form and technique give every student a sound basis for progression through the senior grades and her teaching style provides encouragement to all who take her classes. Her students have enjoyed success at Club and National levels and always shine in the Kata discipline.

She is also a KUGB approved assessor of Instructors and each year examines potential instructors at the annual KUGB summer camp.

Sensei Trish Bruce - 6th Dan - Sister Dojo Ashington

Has been training since 1992, having watched her children train at the club. She has trained and graded with many instructors most notably with the late Sensei Enoeda. Sensei Trish brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her students and helps them to develop the basic skills that stand them in good stead as they move up through the grades. She is generous with her advice and guidance to  fellow Karateka, who benefit from her example whatever grade they have achieved.